Time plan


Winter: The show ”Vem tar hand om hösten”, written and directed by me, and performed by Edvin Bredefelt, re-opens in Kalmar, at Byteatern, on January 17th.

Spring: In March-April I fall sick with a mild version of COVID-19. The planned trips to international theatre festivals and most other work are cancelled.

Autumn: In August I move to Malmö, to commence my new job as professor (”adjunkt”) at the acting program, at ”Teaterhögskolan i Malmö”, which is part of the Faculty of the Arts at Lund University.


Lots of theatre was created, directed and performed by me, this year.

In January, ”Vem tar hand om hösten?”, opened at Byteatern.

In March and April I performed ”Lars dagbok” 24 times in Lund.

In September ”Förvandlingar”, created and directed by me, with 13 actors and musicians, inaugurated the new theatre house at Byteatern in Kalmar.

In October the tv series “Kurs i självutplåning” premiered at SVT. It can be seen online until April 29th 2020.

In December I co-created the performance ”Zimbo Convo” at Ö2 in Stockholm.


Feb: Inspirational talk at Sigtuna Folkhögskola, theatre- and film students.

March: Teaching at 2Lång teaterskola i Göteborg, ”Performing Gender”, for the third time.

May: International workshop on Gender equality in the performing arts, at Scenkonstbiennalen in Norrköping, Sweden. I also led two seminars, one on how to handle interrupted performances and one with four new artistic directors at institutions producing theatre for young audiences.

Aug-Sept: Directing at Københavns Musikteater, a new play by Kristian Hallberg

Sept-Oct: One week in Kigali, Rwanda. Learned about GVB, Gender based violence at Mashirika Theatre, and gave a workshop on Gender and norms. Gave an acting workshop for the Rwandan Acrobats Company.

Nov: Den Nationale Scene, Bergen, Norway. A seminar on gender aware acting.


Jan-Feb: Travel on a stipend from Konstnärsnämnden, to see shows and network in London and New York.

April: Teaching at the acting programme in Malmö, 7 weeks, and at 2Lång theatre school in Göteborg

May: Flugo! guest performance at Dramaten, the national theatre, for refugee youth.

June: Flugo! performs at the Nordic theatre days at Färöarna and at Shauspielhaus Nord in Stuttgart.


Sept: Co-directing at Riksteatern with Forced Entertainment. ”De omöjliga möjigheternas hus”.

Det omöjliga möjligheternas hus Regi Forced Entertainment: Terry O'Connor, Regi Riksteatern: Pelle HanæusSkådespelare Ana Stanisic och Linn Bjørnvik Grøder


Artistic Director at Regionteater Väst.

Directed Bernarda – vi visste inte vilken tid det var



Artistic Director at Regionteater Väst.

January: Directing Häxet.


May: Drömställe/Flugo! performes at bibu.se, Helsingborg

October: Drömställe/Flugo! performed at Swedstage and Orionteatern, Stockholm


January: Got the job as Artistic Director at Regionteater Väst, and started preparing the spring season of 2014.

March-May: Directed Drömställe/Flugo! for Clowner utan Gränser och Circus Arts. It toured major theatres around Sweden, the rest of the year.

August: Moved to Gothenburg to work at Regionteater Väst in Uddevalla


January: Clown and Gender-workshops at Tiyatro Boyalı Kuş, Istanbul. Gender aware acting-workshop for actors and directors, with Kulturkraft Väst, Göteborg.

March: Gender and acting-day, Teaterhögskolan i Malmö.

November: Tourleader for CuG to Syrian refugee camps in Jordan.

_MG_3960 _MG_4119


February: Travels with 10 Master’s students and Nalle to Rwanda, where we play shows for underprivileged communities.


October: Participated in international street theatre workshop with Anadolu University, in Turkey. Oversaw students’ clown-tour on the West Bank, Palestine.

December: Our 10 Master’s students perform their exam shows, the 15th-18th at StDH, Valhallavägen 193. http://www.stdh.se

December: Clown workshop at Anadolu University Acting Programme, Turkey


January: Consumption of culture in London. The second semester of the master’s year at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts begins.

February: Leading student tour to refugee camps in Kenya.

April: Was elected president of Clowns without Borders, Sweden.

May: Directing student info-shows.

June: Gender Aware Acting workshop at Høgskolen i Nord-Trøndelag in Norway

August: Leading gender aware theatre-workshop for ATR.

October: Teaching actors in Sörmland Gender Aware Acting

November: Preparing ”A year of Physical Comedy” Master’s Programme and leading workshop in Norm Critique at Teaterdagarna, Riksteatern.


February: Three weeks in Kenya, planning and directing a clown-tour with local artists, in the Mombasa-area. A cooperation between CwB and YWCA.

March: One week workshop in Gender Aware Acting at Teaterhögskolan i Malmö. I contribute with a workshop about KUNQ at a conference on the role of dramatic art in the democratic process, 13-15 March 2009, Stadshallen, Lund, Sweden

April-May: Workshop for applicants to the master’s course about Clowns without Borders-work at Teaterhögskolan in Stockholm. ”Skratt utan gränser”.

August: Start of the Master Programme at Teaterhögskolan i Stockholm.

October: Student tour in Moldavia.


Januari: Besöker Berlin och London, föreläser om Clowner utan Gränser i Stockholm

Februari: Besöker Circunaprojektet i Libanon

April: Till Circuna i Libanon, undervisning på CuGs artistkurs på Vårdinge Folkhögskola och prat-kurs på Konstfack

Maj: Undervisar på Teaterhögskolan i Stockholm

Juni: Går på tur i Norge

Juli: Högskolekursen Internationell Utblick (IU) i Moldavien

Augusti: Europride i Stockholm

September: IU redovisas 6/9 på THS Sthlm, Genusmedveten gestaltning på THS Luleå, Improvisationskurs på Konstfack

Oktober: Fotvandring i Europa

November: Till Circuna i Libanon med artister från Sydafrika


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